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Worthy?... Slain? Words not generally placed together, unless perhaps in reference to one martyred; in this case a lamb.  

The book of Revelation has always been an interesting and yet more so, mysterious read.  Spiritual allegories revealing prophetic events.  Like a map, it lays down the journey from the fall of man, to the historically heralded return of Christ.  'Worthy is the Lamb' is in itself, an anthem, proclaiming the deep truths that birthed Christianity. It unveils the foundations that have preserved the faith, revealing the very heart of Christ and His Kingdom. The greatest love story, the true hero, a gift sent from heaven to save His people from their sins and an unrelenting enemy – death and damnation! Revelation 5:12 declares to us... Jesus Christ the precious Lamb.  

2012 Release

Powerful and dynamic vocalist to controversial and passionate preacher -  Emeka’s debut album, ‘Physical Pain, Spiritual Gain’ is a fresh,
eclectic mix of inspired tracks.

This debut album - ‘Physical Pain, Spiritual Gain’ is the culmination of a 16 year journey that began as a secular project, entitled ‘Physical Pain’.

Emeka’s journey to Christ and away from secular music was sparked by a series of life changing events, including the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Emeka was certain that this would not be his plight.

Sin, death, the grave conquered and Christ risen, proving Himself to be life itself and the only Way for us to obtain eternal life. Victory! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain! 
Prayer, confession, intercession, praise, worship, all submission and every thanksgiving is catalogued in this album, though this priceless gift could never truly be repaid. Be captivated by and connected to your Creator.  By the very power of the Word preached through every track, that unmissable relationship with your Maker will be revived, if not kindled and you'll find the blessed assurance of life eternal is yours through Jesus Christ our Lord! 

This simple but powerful song is an emphatic encouragement and plea to men worldwide to pick up themselves through God’s power, and to take their rightful place; to be leaders, accountable, responsible, men of purpose and strength.

Society needs men who take their example from Jesus Christ Himself and this song increases and feeds that very desire for change, growth and development that is within every man.
In a world where many men have gone astray, (a well known but not too well utilised fact ), this everyday encouragement for men to change is well chosen as the first single to be released from this exciting and anointed album.
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