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‘I had 100% confidence to make it to the very top – I was extremely ambitious, but God’s 100% love which is greater than my ambition, changed me.’ A testimony spoken by Emeka, which he expressively sings about in ‘Live Right’.  

In lyrics that declare his unworthiness in contrast to God’s powerful response of love and forgiveness, Emeka praises God for his patience and kindness. Regardless of colour or background, Christ’s love and healing power are available to you – all are one in Christ.

During Emeka’s journey to Christ he experienced an urgent desire to remove himself from the corrupt life he once lived. He actually lists some of his past ways in this song, ways which many of us can indeed identify with.  

It’s a place that we must all reach in our Christian walk, where we determine ourselves, by God’s grace to become more serious about our relationship with Christ and about living a holy life.  

Live Right

Live Right_Soundbytes.MP3

Pastor Olu .E. Akinpelu

“Live Right”