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The Beginning……

Fifteen years in the making…… year in the studio, with a family consisting  of a wife and five children, a ministry to run, counselling, sermons, teaching preparation; a journey from physical pain to spiritual gain. An eclectic, cross genre mix of lyrical and musical genius with songs pertaining to men, women, marriage, love, the Word and much more. Truly this anointed album is destined to touch, inspire, and ignite many hearts and minds.   

‘Physical pain, Spiritual gain’ started life back in 1995 when it was simply named ‘Physical pain’-  an album that expressed the hurt and pain that Emeka had experienced in his relationships with family and girlfriends, while growing up in London, following his arrival from Nigeria at the age of seven….

Journey number 1

At a crucial time during the recording of this album, God revealed Himself to Emeka through a series of life changing experiences that acted as a catalyst for his decision to seek Christ in His entirety and to surrender his life and music to Him.  

This was initially made evident in a song ‘On My Knees’, (not on this album) in which Emeka sings, ‘I dedicate this song to you Lord; I should have dedicated all to you’...……  

Journey number 2

2011 has been a year of great journeying for Emeka and the Church, Vessels of Treasure Fellowship, which he pastors. Journeys through great trial and persecution, journeys of transformation, journeys to find resources for the album!  We kid you not…travelling to Burton-on-Trent to buy a £3,000 mixer for £300 was one such blessed excursion….

Journey number 3

In fact the album and the church have much in common, being linked both in name and development. II Corinthians 4: 7-10 lends to the name of the Church as well as to the journey and themes of this album.  Perhaps just as poignant, with the completion of this album, VOTF heads into 2012 with a new word of power, based on Hebrews 6:1, which speaks of going on unto perfection.

The Journey

The fundamentals of ‘Salvation Song’ were written in just 2 hours

Loving Me Bruised You uses a record 11 part vocal harmony!

The Yamaha keyboard containing over 100 graphically equalized sounds and worth £500 second hand was purchased for ….……£10!!!

The Lord is Mighty is the first song that was written on the album, penned in 1998!

Some of these amazing facts clearly confirm that this project was not humanly arranged.  

In fact the whole journey of this album, the artist and the Church, highlight God’s awesome divine power and intervention.

So fasten your seat belts as you prepare to embark on a journey of theatrical narrative, musical complexity, sound effects, heart rendering melodies, to summarise…….an awesome experience of worship and praise that will lead you into the inner courts of the Most High God.

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