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The poignant re-creation of the courtyard scene in which Peter denied Christ, begins this touching testimonial. It develops into a dramatic love song which is written in acknowledgement of the Lord’s tender loving kindness towards mankind, despite our undeserving nature.  

In the book of John, Christ calls us friends (if we reverence and obey Him) and as the best example of a true friend, Christ looks unto our needs, nurturing us and providing for us, in spite of our weaknesses.  

This beautiful and humbling melody, speaks deep into the soul, serving as a heartfelt reminder that whatever pressure or rejection we encounter, we must be willing to go through self-denial for our Saviour and confess Him fully as our Lord and Redeemer.

He’s A Friend Of Mine

A Friend of Mine_soundbytes.MP3

Pastor Olu .E. Akinpelu

“He’s A Friend Of Mine”