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Chukwu Emeka ....meaning God has done wonderful things; This is clearly a fitting name for a man who has just completed an album, 16 years in the making, in the studio for one year, while pastoring a Church, counselling, preparing and delivering sermons, with a family consisting of a wife and four children, a fifth on its way....God certainly has done, and is doing wonderful things!

Emigrating to England from Nigeria with his younger brother and his parents at the age of seven, Emeka had a love for music at an early age.  Performing as a singer in school, from the tender age of 11, he joined his first band at the age of 13 and was the only student at Waterfield Secondary School (Thamesmead) who was allowed to use a £30,000 studio, unsupervised!

Emeka was in his late teens when he joined a band as the lead singer with backing from a production company. In 1995 the bands signed a record deal with Soultown records and were also the subject of great interest to other record companies.  

It was also during 1995 that Emeka began the completion of his album, ‘Physical Pain’, which expressed the hurt and pain that he had experienced in relationships with family and girlfriends while growing up in London.

Emeka’s journey to Christ and away from secular music was sparked by a series of life changing events, including the murders of Tupac Shakur in 1997 and Biggie Smalls some months later. Emeka was certain in himself that he did not want to end up like these artists.  

This was further evidenced in a song ‘On My Knees’ (not on this album) in which Emeka sings: ‘I dedicate this song to you Lord; I should have dedicated all to you.’ This led to the commencing of the rebirth of the album ‘Physical Pain’ to ‘Physical Pain, Spiritual Gain’; an album brimming with songs of deliverance, healing, worship and praise

After his full-hearted baptism in Jesus’ Name in 1997, (although he was previously baptised in 1986) Emeka’s journey to find a good Church, led him, in 1999 to Truth Temple Ministries (Brixton). Under God’s anointing he rapidly progressed to become an elder and was officially ordained as a pastor and an elder in 2001.

The ministry was actually handed over to Pastor Olu/Emeka 7 years ago and following a strong prompting from God, was renamed Vessels of Treasure Fellowship (VOTF) in 2005. Taken from the scripture in 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, this name change was more than apt for such a blessed and highly favoured ministry.

The name change also divinely co-incides with the album name Physical Pain, Spiritual Gain, which was definitely not humanly planned. Pastor Olu has continued to pastor VOTF along with his wife Evangelist Elizabeth Akinpelu, through much persecution, fervently making full proof of his ministry. His determination, commitment, zeal and boldness for Christ have no doubt helped to propel him into God’s perfect will for his life.

Emeka and his wife have five children. In addition to his role as a pastor, husband and a father, Pastor Olu/Emeka is passionate in his calling to continually encourage the development and growth of VOTF Church.  He is also embarking on another album by God’s grace.

Pastor Olu Emeka Akinpelu