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V.O.T.Entertainment (Vessels of Treasure Entertainment) is the Record Label of Vessels of Treasure fellowship; the vision is to create music and literature within a Godly environment whilst also maintaining our non-compromising stance of being ministry, not monetary minded.  

With creative works that touch the hearts and minds of the individual, whilst impacting likewise upon homes, communities and our society at large. Our work encapsulates Christ-centeredness, with the mind to revive hearts, provoking that love for the truth and that crave that could only draw one to accept Jesus Christ.

Vessels of Treasure Entertainment has release a new album entitled:
“Worthy is the Lamb that was slain”

'Worthy is the Lamb' is in itself, an anthem, proclaiming the deep truths that birthed Christianity. It unveils the foundations that have preserved the faith, revealing the very heart of Christ and His Kingdom…
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